pump details made in S Korea
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K3V63BDT-1ROR-E011, K3V63BDT-1ROR-0E11-1  2437U400F1, 2437U400F2, 2437U412F1 Kobelco SK100 MARK III,  SK120 MARK III, SK120LC MARK III, SK150LC MARK III, SK160LC MARK III, MD140C
YT10V00023F1, YT10V00016F1 KOBELCO SK70SR, SK80CS, SK80CS-2, SK70SR-2
K3V112DT-1RAR-9T1L YN10V00007F1 Kobelco SK200LC-6, SK210LC

2437U489F1, 2437U489F2 Kobelco SK150LC MARK III, SK150LC MARK IV, SK160LC MARK IV

K3V112DTP1K9R YTOK-HV YN10V00036F1 NEW HOLLAND, Kobelco 215
K3V112DT-133R-9C29 2437U402F3 Kobelco SK200-6E
K3V112DTP1A9R-9TEL-V YN10V00023F1, YN10V00023F2, YN10V00023F3 Kobelco SK200LC-6ES Dynamic Acera, SK210-6ES Dynamic Acera
K3V112DT-133R-9C29 2437U402F1, 2437U402F2, 2437U402F3, 2437U402F4 Kobelco SK200LC MARK III, Kobelco SK200LC MARK IV, Kobelco SK210LC Mark IV, Kobelco SK220LC MARK III, Kobelco SK220LC MARK IV
K3V112DT-123R-9C09-2 2437U389F3 Kobelco SK200LC
YN10V00011F1 Kobelco SK235SR
YN10V00008F3 Kobelco
K3V112DP-111R-9ROD YN10V00008F1 Kobelco SK235SR LC
K3V112DP-113R-9ROD YN10V00009F1 Kobelco SK235-6
K3V112DT Kobelco SK200LC, SK210LC, LS2800-2, SH200LC, K907LC-2, R210LC-2, R2500LC-3, SK200LC-2, SK200LC-2, SH240, SH200

K3V112DTP189R-9TBR LC10V00005F4 Kobelco SK320-8 SK330-6 SK330-8 SK350-8 SK360-8
K3SP36B-1A-1R-1001 YT10V00001F1, YT10V00001F2, YT10V00001F3 Kobelco SK60 SR
K3SP36B-101R-2001 YT10V00002F1, YT10V00002F2, YT10V00002F3 KOBELCO SK70SR
K5V80DTP100R-0E01-AV YB10V00001F1, YB10V00001F2, YB10V00001F3, YB10V00001F4, YB10V00001F5, YB10V00001F6 Kobelco SK200SR, Fiat Kobelco E200SR, New Holland E200SRLC, E200SR, E195,  O&K RH 5.6
K3V63DT-120R-9C01 37U188F2 KOBELCO 905, SK120 LC IV
K3V63DTP11AR-0E02-AV YY10V00001F6, YY10V00001F4, YY10V00001F5, YY10V00001F3, YY10V00001F2, YY10V00001F1 Kobelco SK115SR, SK135SR, New Holland E135SR
YX10V00003F1, YX10V00003F2, YX10V00003F3 SK135SRLC-1E, SK115SRDZ-1E
K7V63DTP112R-0E23-PVD YM10V00005F4, YM10V00005F5 Kobelco, New Holland
K7V63DTP169R-9N03-V Kobelco, New Holland
K3V63DT-1R5R-9N3S-AV 72214338, 72214020, YY10V00005F4 New Holland E135, E145, E150
K7V63DTP174R-0E23-PVD YY10V00013F4 New Holland E135BSR, E140CSR
K7V63DTP174R-0E13-VC, K7V63DTP175R-OE13VC YY10V00013F1 New Holland E135BSR
K7V63DTP177R-OE13 VC New Holland E135BSR
K7V63DTP-159R-09V2C-1V YY10V0009F1 Kobelco
K7V63DTP179R-0F13-AVD, K7V63DTP179R-0F13-VC, K7V63DTP179R-0E13-PVD YY10V00009F1, YY10V00009F2, YY10V00009F3, YY10V00009F4 Kobelco E135BSR
K3V112DTP-1TMR-9RF1 YN10V00029F1, YN10V00029F6 Kobelco SK200, SK210-6ES Dynamic Acera
K5V140DTP-1SLR-9TAS-FV LC10V00009F2 Kobelco E385
K5V140DTP1K9R-YT0K-HV LC10V00020F1 Kobelco SK330-8, SK350-8, New Holland 385B
K3V112DTP-17LR-9TCL LQ10V00008F3 Kobelco SK250NLC
K3SP30-110R-9001 PY10V00003F1 Kobelco SK45 SK45-2

K3V63DT-1R0R-9N03 MX6W-2, MX132W
K3V63DT-1RCR-9N03-1 MX132LC
K3V63DT-1R0R-9N0T MX135, MX135W-3, EC140
K3V63DT-1Y0R-9N0T MX135
K5V80DT-1PDR-9N0Y-ZV EC150
K3V112DT-1RCR-9N09 MX222, MX202W
K3V112DT-1XER-9N24-2 14595621, 14531855, 14524179, 1142-00012 MX225, EC210, EC210B, EC240
K3V112DT-1XER-9N2A-2 MX255, EC240, EC240B
K3V140DT-1RCR-9N19 1042-02181A MX292, MX10LC-2
K3V140DT-1JER-9N04-1 MX295, EC290, EC290B
K3V180DT-1PCR-9N46 MX352, MX14LC
K3V180DT-1PER-9N56 EC360, EC360B, EC460
K3V180DTH-1P0R-9N0S MX452
K3V180DTH-1POR-9N0B MX455, EC450
K5V200DTH-10JR-9COZ-V 14526609 EC460
K3V280DTH-1CDR-9NOY-AV VOE 14522551, 31ND-10010 Volvo EC700, Hyundai R800LC-7A
K3V63DT-1R0R-9P0S-A R130W
K3V63DT-1R0R-9N01-2A R130LC-3
K3V63DTP-1JGR-9C05, K3V63DTP-1JHK-9SOS-1L 31N4-15012 R140W-7
K3V63DT-1R0R-9N1S-B R160LC-3
K5V80DT-9C00-1209N01 31N5-10011 R160LC-7, R180LC-7
K5V80DTP-1JNR-9C00 31N4-15022 R170W-7T
K5V80DTP-1JZR-9CO5-1L 31N5-15011, 31N5-15010, 31N5-15015 R170W-7
K3V63DT-1R0R-9C1S-1C R140LC-7, R140LC-7
K3V63DT-1R0R-9C0S-1D R140LC-7, R140LC-7
K3V63DT-1R0R-9C0S-1DL 31N3-10011 R1400LC-7
K5V80DT-1PCR-9C05 R160LC-7,R180LC-7
K5V80DTP-1JGR-9N05-1 R130WM
K5V80DTP-1JGR-9C05-1A R170W-7
K3V112DT-1R2R-9N09-6A R200LC, R200
K3V112DT-1RER-9C39-1 R210LC-3, R210-EM
K3V112DT-1RER-9C39-2 R210LC-3, R210-EM
K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-1 31N7-10010, 31N7-10011 R210LC-7, R250LC-7
K3V112DT-1R5R-2N19 R200-E, R210LC-5
K3V112DT-17ER-9N3P R215LC-7
K3V112DT-1RER-9C59 R200W-3
K3V112DP-119R-9S09 31N6-15010 R200W-7
K3V112DT 31N6-10051, 31N6-10010, 31N6-10050 R210LC-7
K3V140DT-1R2R-9N29-A R280K, R290LC-3
K5V140DTP-xxx-9C00 31N8-10080, XJBN-00963, 31N8-10060 R290LC-7A
K3V140DT-1CER-9C12-C R305LC-7
K3V140DT-1CER-9C12-D R290LC-7
K5V140DTP-1H9R-9C12 R300LC-7
K5V140DTP-1H9R-9C09 R290LC-7
K3V140DT-1CER-B, K3V140DT-1RER-9C12-C 31N8-10050, 31N8-10010 R290LC-7 (- #1179)
K5V140DTP-1J9R-9C12-AL 31N8-10060, 31N8-10070 R290LC-7 (#1180 - )
T5V140DP-1F7R-9C79 31N8-10020 R290LC-7 (R290LC-7H)
K5V140DTP-1E9R-9N02-1 31Q8-10030 R300-9
K3V140DT-1R2R-9N39-A R320LC-3
K3V180DT-1RER-9N69-B R320LC-3
K3V180DT-1RER-9C69-D 31N9-10010 R320LC-7
K3V180DTH-1POR-9COS-A 31NA-10010 R360LC-7
K3V180DTH-1POR-9N1S-A R360LC-3, R360LC-3
K3V180DTH-1POR-9C0S-A R360LC-7, R360LC-7
K3V180DTP-17OR-9N62-1A 31QA-10021 R380LC-9
K5V200DTH10WR-9N2Z-VT 31QB-10011 R480LC-9, R520LC-9
K5V200DTH-10JR-9COZ-V 31NB-10022, 31NB-10020 R450LC-7
K3V180DTH-1NOR-FN0S-1 R450LC-3, R450LC-3
K5V200DTH-10JR-9C0Z-V R450-7
K3V280DTH-1CDR-9NOY-AV 31ND-10010 R800LC-7A
K3V63DTP-1R9R-9C2J+F, K3V63DTP1R9R-9C2J+F JCB - 20/925461, 20/925329 JCB JS 130, JS 145
K3V112DT-1GMR-9C79 20/925309, 215/11278 JCB 220, JS200, JS210
K3V112DT-1G1R-9N37 332/P0924
K3V63DTP1C9R-9N17 229/01505
K3V63DTP1C9R-9N17-2 335/F1768
K3V63DT-1ROR-9COH-1+F 20/925328
K3V63DTP1J9R-2N92-V 332/L3250
K3V112DT-1G4R-9C12 JCB - KRJ4690X-B 
K3V112DT-1G4R-9C22 JCB - KBJ2679X
K3V112DT-1G4R-9C12-1 JCB - KRJ4573 
K3V63DT-1R0R-9COH-2+F JCB - 20/925329, 20/925461
NV111DTK1769-R133AB-1 JCB - KBJ2303U-B
K3V63DTP 1R9R-9G0J+F/P JCB - 20/925461
KSV112DT-1G4R JCB - KRK4573, KBJ2579
K3V112DT-1G4R-9C22+F JCB - KBJ2579
K5V200DPH1CAR-9S24 JCB - 20/925334 JCB JS330

K3V63DTP169R-9N2B-2A KLJ0638X-B  CASE CX160, CX180
K5V140DTP1ULR−9Y15−HV KBJ12130 CASE CX290B
KNJ1025 CASE 9010
KNJ2186X CASE 9010B
157066A1 CASE 9020
KLJ01864 CASE 9020A
LNP0234 CASE 9020B
KRJ4124U-A CASE 9030
153584A1 CASE 9030A
KRJ4124U-A CASE 9030A
KRJ4690 CASE 9030B
KBJ1927 CASE 9040A
KBJ2579X-B CASE 9040B
KSJ1855 CASE 9050
KSJ2272 CASE 9050B
KSJ2285 CASE 9050B
KTJ1172 CASE 9060A

K3V63DT-1R0R-9N0H HE130LC
K3V140DT-1R2R-9N19-2 HE280LC
K3V180DT-1PMR-9N0G-1 HE360LCH
K3V180DTH-1P0R-9N0Z HE450LCH

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